Some Of The Interesting Features Of Bat Trang 

Coming to Hanoi- a city, a capital of culture, you will see many traditional villages. Now, 365travel. asia highly recommends one of the most famous ones - Bat Trang pottery village. It is a familiar place for those who love traditional culture and Vietnam pottery. It is also an ideal place for a short trip on the weekend.

chợ gốm bát tràng

Located near the Red River belong to Gia Lam district; about 15km far from Hanoi center, the name "Bat Trang” has created from the Le dynasty. It is the combination among 5 great families specializing in making pottery in Bo Bat village and the Nguyen family in Minh Trang area. This is the oldest and the most famous traditional village in the S-shape country. The village appeared about five hundred years ago. Bat Trang pottery village specializing in producing various types of ceramics with many different shapes and color. The most interesting and attractive here is that you can see the artists create the products directly and you can make the pottery on your own. 

Coming to Bat Trang tourism, visitors won’t be able to ignore Bat Trang ancient village with the unique and vintage architecture. You will have a chance to discover many things around on the rickshaw having folk and traditional feature. Some of the places which still remain the old atmosphere are Van Van ancient house (which is built since 200 years ago; in this house, there are many masterpieces such as ceramic, set of stamping molds for pottery and melamine), Bat Trang village ( it is also the place which holds a lot of festivals throughout the year. Tourists can enjoy and explore the unique and ancient culture if they go to visit Bat Trang on the occasion of the festival.  làng cổ bát tràng


For everyone who comes to Bat Trang pottery village, their desire and aspiration to set foot in this beautiful land are to mold the pottery and porcelain products by themselves. Just pay a little money, you can become a true creative potter. The professional artisans will guide and help you to make your own product. Although initially may be a bit confused when you don't know the way to use, you will receive the dedicated instruction from the potter skillfully in the village of Bat Trang. After you finish the "masterpiece", the product will be burned and then you can bring it home as a souvenir for your beloved ones. That must be a memory thing and experience for anyone.

sân nặn gốm bát tràng

Visiting Bat Trang pottery village, you can’t miss the Pottery market. It is the place where people can find and buy the lovely, beautiful and cheap souvenirs for friends and family. It sells a lot of ceramic products including souvenirs, bowls, artist decorations, cups and worship items. They are very beautiful and good-looking. All of them are made by the hands of professional and famous artists. You can observe and save the process of making them in the mini yard of this market. Coming there, tourists also will have a chance to enjoy some traditional food at the cheap price.